If you’re going to move your household anytime soon, you’ve probably already realized how much planning and preparation goes into a successful relocation. However, did you know that choosing the right time of year to move can make your upcoming relocation a lot less stressful?

Most people choose to move their households between May and September due to favorable travel conditions and kids being out of school. Instead of moving during the summer months with thousands of other households, the New Jersey long-distance movers at SeaCure Moving and Storage recommend moving during the offseason.

Benefits of Moving Your Household During The Offseason

If you’re starting a new job soon or want to move your household before school starts, you may not have a lot of wiggle room in your moving schedule. However, if your schedule has more flexibility, putting off your relocation until winter will be a lot less stressful and can even save you money:

  • Flexible Moving Dates: Since so many households move during the summer, you might not be able to choose the best moving date for your schedule. If you move during the offseason, the moving company that you’re working with will have way more availability.
  • Favorable Real Estate Market: If you move during the offseason, you’ll benefit from a less competitive real estate market and perhaps even secure a home for a more favorable price compared to moving during the summer.
  • Affordable Moving Services: It can be difficult to get steady business during the offseason, which is why some moving and storage companies offer special promotions and discounts during the colder months.
  • Enjoy Your Summer: If you decide to relocate your household during the peak season, you can expect to spend much of your summer indoors packing and unpacking boxes. Putting off your relocation until winter will give you more time to enjoy your favorite summer activities.

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